Dental Emergency Conditions

We are here to help with your dental emergency conditions or urgent dental concerns at Bella Dental. If you urgently require an Emergency Dentist call us at Bella Dental.

Dental emergencies can be painful and concerning. It is not always predictable when it occurs which is why we are here for you. Even if you’re unsure it is best for you to get in contact with your dentist as soon as possible. Here are some conditions that could constitute a dental emergency and advice related to them.


wisdom tooth ache

At Bella Dental, we know that toothaches can be intensely painful. Most of the time, there is no time to wait, the pain should get treated right away. Here are some of the reasons causing tooth pain leading to a dental emergency condition dental decay, dental trauma, teeth clenching and grinding and wisdom teeth issues. Your dentist can help diagnose and offer services to relieve your tooth pain. Over the counter pain medication may be used in the meantime.

Fractured Teeth


cracked tooth

Fractured tooth

Dental trauma commonly causes fractures, cracks and chips on teeth. Treating depends on the situation case-by-case. Minor chips can sometimes be treated with white coloured fillings, however, larger fractures could require veneers, crowns and root canal treatment. Contact Bella Dental as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can wash and rinse out your mouth with lukewarm salted water and if there is any bleeding, apply pressure to stop the bleeding with gauze.

Loose or Missing Teeth

missing teeth
part of a man’s face with an open toothless mouth

We advise you to contact and visit Bella Dental as soon as possible after a trauma occurs resulting in a missing tooth. As timing is of the essence, the sooner the teeth are replaced back into the socket, the better chances of saving that tooth.

Pick up the tooth by the crown (the part of the tooth visible inside the mouth) while avoiding touching the root, place in either milk or saline solution, or saliva, but not water and don’t allow it to dry out.



dental abscess
Periodontitis and gum inflammation. Medically accurate dental 3D illustration

Bacterial infection causes an inflammation resulting in dental abscesses. They do usually hurt if they are red and swollen. Apply a cold pack to reduce any swelling and call the office.

Dental abscesses are acute inflammatory processes usually originated by a bacterial infection. They look like a “pimple”, red and swollen, and they usually hurt.

To treat an abscess usually requires draining the pus and infection and treating the cause of the infection by extracted the tooth and or have a root canal treatment done. Antibiotics are often needed as well to clear up infection.

Missing Filling or Crown

Sometimes fillings or crowns may come off due to underlying decay. This is not always a dental emergency and you can wait until normal business hours for treatment, however, it can impact how you look aesthetically if it is any of the front teeth. If it s a lost crown it is not ideal to leave it exposed for a long period, therefore, we always recommend our patients contact the office and we will aim to get you an appointment as soon as possible.

We are always here to help you. Please don’t hesitate to contact our office in case of a dental emergency we will endeavour to find the right treatment for you.


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