How to look after your teeth this Christmas

How to look after your teeth this Christmas

Teeth christmas

Christmas is around the corner with food, drink and festivities. Holidays are about getting together with your loved ones and enjoying delicious meals and sweet desserts. Whilst you can enjoy your treats, we have some handy on how to look after your teeth this Christmas.

We encourage you to book an appointment for your check-up and clean ahead of the Christmas period with our friendly dentists.

If you also would like to treat yourself, we offer at Bella Dental a wide range of cosmetic dentistry services for a beautiful smile this Christmas and New Years.

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Tips to look after your teeth this Christmas

1: Minimize grazing

dental snacking

During the festive season, with food being in abundance, snacking and grazing is much more frequent during the Christmas period. Without the usual mealtime breaks in between, your teeth are constantly being exposed to sugars and unable to recover properly.

It may be easy to reach for the cookie in the jar, a candy cane or a slice of Christmas cake after all it is always available at this time. However, after 30 minutes or so it is more important to brush and floss after every meal to ensure food and debris are removed which could lead to bacterial build-up resulting in dental decay.

Aim to keep your Christmas meals at regular intervals to minimize the damage to your teeth.

2: Minimize consuming fizzy drinks

fizzy drinks damage enamel

Try to minimize drinks containing bubbles so as your teeth will stay protected. Drinks with bubbles like champagne, soft drinks etc are highly acidic and erode your teeth over time. Moreover, festive drinks often have more sugar which further contributes to causing tooth decay.

If you must drink fizzy drinks, then try using a straw instead to minimize contact with and protect your teeth.

3: Healthy snacks

healthy food teeth

Choose snacks that are still delicious and satisfy those cravings with healthier options such as vegetable platters with dip or hummus as a yummy alternative to sugary treats. Use that nutcracker and have nuts for a Christmas snack. These alternatives and more minimise the amount of sugar exposure whilst you’re still being able to enjoy snacking time to time.

4. Say cheese!

Cheese is known for its having dental benefits such as calcium and is also effective at helping to reduce the acid levels in your mouth after eating, thereby protecting your enamel.

5: Use caution when eating hard foods

fracture teeth hard food

With plenty of hard food like toffees, candy canes, these can result in getting a cracked or chipped tooth! Be mindful of these and protect your pearly whites.

Bella Dental wishes you all a safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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