What Do Dental Implants Look Like?

Losing teeth can take a toll on your confidence. Moreover, tooth loss affects both your speaking and eating abilities. However, dental implants are gaining attention as they offer a solution to bring back your beautiful smile and all the functionalities of natural teeth. Consequently, many individuals considering this procedure often ask: What do dental implants look like? Do they look natural? Do they work? 

In this blog, we will learn about what an actual dental implant looks like and how it can solve issues related to missing and damaged teeth. 

How Dental Implants Work

Dental implants look like metal screws that are surgically placed to fill the gaps left by missing teeth. They function as a support system for artificial teeth. 

Typically made from Titanium, a biocompatible metal that integrates seamlessly with the jawbone. Dental implants undergo osseointegration, a crucial healing period, essential for their long-term success.

The procedure involves three steps: implant placement, abutment (connector), and crown (artificial tooth):

  • Implant Fixture: As discussed, this small screw-like metal is usually made from titanium due to its biocompatibility, so it can easily join with the jawbone.
  • Abutment: Placed on top of the implant, the abutment connects the artificial teeth to the implant, slightly visible above the gums.
  • Crown: The crown, denture, or bridge, also known as artificial teeth is the most visible part of your dental implants. Customised by a dental specialist to resemble your natural teeth, it blends in smoothly with the rest of your teeth. A dental adhesive is used to bond the crown to the abutment for a secure connection. 

What Do Tooth Implants Look Like

Tooth implants closely resemble natural teeth, and their natural appearance depends greatly on the expertise of a dentist. Finding a dental specialist is key to ensuring accurate fitting of the implant, abutment, and crown. Incorrect fitting of the implant and abutment can result in uneven crown alignment, ruining the overall look of your teeth. 

A dentist has to take several factors into account before performing the procedure to give you new teeth through dental implants. Here are some of these considerations:

  • Implant Location: Consideration of implant placement is crucial. A front teeth implant requires more precise placement as it is highly visible, while those at the back are less noticeable. However, back teeth need to have better strength due to the demands of chewing and biting. 
  • Number Of Implants: Each tooth serves a different purpose. Whether replacing a single one or multiple of them, the treatment options can vary. For example, when fixing multiple teeth at once, dentures might be preferable to individual implants. 
  • Teeth Assessment: Dentists need complete information about your previous oral health, existing illnesses, the location of the missing tooth, and your specific needs to determine the most suitable dental implant treatment for you. 
  • Dentist’s Guidance: A dentist’s advice is the best way to figure out everything about dental implants. They don’t engage in guesswork but instead, conduct thorough tests and assessments to provide tailored recommendations for you and your missing teeth.  

Do Tooth Implants Look Real

Yes, dental implants look real. A dental specialist ensures they are a spitting image of your natural teeth. Tooth implants are better for your oral health than dentures and bridges. Unlike other teeth replacement options, implants remain fixed in place without shifting or moving around in the mouth. With adequate oral hygiene, implants can stay for a lifetime. Once the implants have fused with your jawbone, maintaining them requires nothing more than regular oral care. 

Here are some ways dentists replicate tooth-like dental implants:

  1. They use materials like ceramics and porcelain to mimic natural teeth. Both these materials possess texture and appearance similar to natural teeth, making them ideal for achieving a tooth-like appearance. 
  2. Apart from replicating the colour and opacity of real teeth, ceramics and porcelain are also sturdy. They can stand the pressures of chewing and biting like natural teeth. 
  3. Dentists don’t just pick any replacement tooth and material to fix your missing teeth. They customise artificial teeth to match the shape and size of your mouth and existing teeth. The final results ensure that the replacement teeth look and feel as if you never had anything done. 


Dental implants themselves remain hidden beneath the gum line, while the artificial teeth placed on top are visible. These replacement teeth are designed and customised to blend in with your natural ones. If you’re considering replacing your missing, chipped, or broken teeth with dental implants, it’s advisable to visit your dentist. They can guide you on the dental implant procedure and recommend ways to restore your confident smile. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do dental implants look like in the mouth?

Dental implants are metal screws fixed into your jawbone. They serve as a support structure for a crown (artificial tooth) that attaches to an abutment. The crown is the visible part, closely mimicking a natural tooth, so much so it cannot be told apart.

2. What do full mouth dental implants look like?

Full mouth dental implants include replacing all of your teeth in either the upper, lower or both jaws. This extensive procedure requires multiple implants supporting crowns, bridges, or dentures, basically providing a completely new set of teeth. 

3. What does a dental implant look like before the crown?

Before the crown (visible fake tooth) is placed, a dental implant looks like an implant fixture integrated into the jawbone. It may have a healing cap or an abutment attached above the gum line. It doesn’t look like a tooth until the crown is attached. 


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