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Twilight Sedation Dentistry 

Do you feel anxious about visiting the dentist? Are the anxiety and fear holding you back from getting the dental treatments that you need?

If that is the case, then Bella Dental Penrith offers the option of having a lot of treatment performed in Twilight state using intravenous sedation.  This service is often used by young adults to be asleep, and when they wake up, their wisdom teeth are gone.

We have also used this for more frightened adults who also required fillings, crowns, dental implants etc, and they would be completed when they woke up.

Twilight sedation is a much more conservative way to have dentistry done while you sleep.  We work with our specialist Dr. Frank Nguyen who has received a Graduate Diploma in Clinical Dentistry for Conscious Sedation and Pain Control.  He will monitor your vitals throughout your entire visit.

All of it is performed in our own surgery, which means you can avoid a hospital stay. This has a short recovery period after the treatment session to allow you to ‘wake up.’ Please bring a friend or family member to help you get home after your treatment.

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Nitrous oxide is a gas, also known as happy gas or laughing gas. It is also used to relieve pain during childbirth. It is effective at reducing anxiety and is also very safe.

You will remain awake during the procedure with reduced anxiety.
You will recover from the effects of the nitrous oxide very quickly once the dental treatment has been completed. You will be observed for a brief period following the sedation.

Take back control of your dental health

We understand that feeling anxious about dental treatment can happen but don’t let it stop you from taking care of your oral health any longer!
At Bella Dental Penrith we take all of your concerns seriously, making sure you are comfortable.

We have helped many of our most anxious dental patients by using sedation during their appointments.
This has allowed them to take back control of their oral health again. Ask us about sedation services if you think you may need it to help get you through your treatment appointments.

You deserve to have a healthy beautiful smile. So take back control of your oral health.

If this is something that interests you, either call us or book now for a consultation.

*Terms and Conditions: This offer is for new and existing patients of Bella Dental Penrith for appointments during usual business hours.

Need help? Contact one of our specialists today for a consult today!

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