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Braces used to be reserved for the kids who needed them because their dentist said so. Nowadays, braces are highly desired by many teenagers and adults to provide a pleasing and attractive smile. Orthodontic treatment is one of the most conservative methods as it does not require any drilling or removal of vital human tissue.

We merely move the teeth with gentle forces to get them aligned within the arches, which, when presented together, create that pleasing smile. At Bella Dental Penrith, our dentists have gone through extensive post-graduate training in orthodontic techniques and technologies. We have helped many children with their teeth, alignment, and jaw growth issues, who have now grown into young adults with improved confidence and self-esteem and great smiles. We are excited to be able to offer this service to our community in Penrith.

We have a multitude of techniques available from traditional braces that have undergone some advances for quicker, more comfortable treatment, to orthopaedic plates which can miraculously grow jaws and faces, to invisible aligner trays that are discrete. Below are some of the very happy patients that we have treated.

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Short Term Orthodontics

If you were told that you didn’t need braces when you were a teenager, that your teeth were “straight enough” and still don’t like what you see in the mirror, then adult short-term orthodontics may be for you.  We are often caught believing that orthodontics requires about 2-3 years in braces, but in reality, we can now level and align the front teeth, with much less time.  The objective is not to create a functional bite, which would normally involve moving molars with big roots; rather, the objective is to move only the front teeth that are visible in the smile.

Modern brackets and wires have improved in speed and comfort, allowing us to deliver this kind of service in as little as 5 months.  We have been providing this service for many happy patients like this for years.  Call us now to schedule a consultation, so we can see whether this sort of treatment would be right for you.

Terms and Conditions: This offer is for new and existing patients of Bella Dental Penrith for appointments during usual business hours.

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